Each website listens on different port for SSL

Discussion in 'General' started by autogun, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. autogun

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    Hello all,

    My setup is currently running on Amazon EC2 instance and for some bloody unknown reason Amazon EC2 instance can have only one public address allocated per instance.

    Here's where it all begin. I want to start using ELB (Amazon's Elastic Load-balancer) or any other loadbalancer out there. I want to accept connection on port 80 and forward it to port 9443 for SSL website1 and port 8443 for SSL website2.

    Is there a way I can hack ISPConfig so I'll be able to configure SSL listening port (per site) so it wont get overwritten each time I change it manually in .vhost files and apply some new settings for a website using ISPConfig control panel?

    Or maybe you can suggest me another way to host SSL websites on one shared IP address?
  2. autogun

    autogun New Member

    What, nobody here running ISPConfig on Amazon EC2?

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