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    I am exploring moving from cPanel to ISPConfig, cPanel uses their EasyApache module to configure, update, and validate PHP & Apache. Dated web components serve as a fertile entry point for web evil-doers so I want to be sure everything is continuously up-to-date.
    How is everyone doing this in ISPConfig? Our EasyApache4 setup includes the following modules:

    config config-runtime mod_bwlimited mod_cgid mod_deflate mod_expires mod_headers mod_mpm_worker mod_proxy mod_proxy_fcgi mod_proxy_http mod_proxy_wstunnel mod_security2 mod_ssl mod_suexec mod_suphp mod_unique_id tools

    libc-client pear php-bcmath php-calendar php-cli php-common php-curl php-devel php-fpm php-ftp php-gd php-gmp php-iconv php-imap php-ioncube10 php-litespeed php-mbstring php-mysqlnd php-pdo php-posix php-sockets php-xml php-zip runtime
    Additional packages: apr apr-util brotli cpanel-tools documentroot libargon2 libcurl libmcrypt libnghttp2 libtidy libxml2 modsec-sdbm-util nghttp2 openssl php-cli php-cli-lsphp profiles-cpanel
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    ISPConfig is using the packages of the Linux distribution and not self compiled third party packages like cPanel, so you get always the official secure and well tested packages of the Linux Distribution in ISPConfig by simply keeping your Linux distribution updated with apt or yum, no need for such workarounds that cPanel requires. This means you get security updates faster when using ISPconfig in comparison to panels that use their own packages and your Linux system is based on well known standards when using ISPConfig, all config files are in the right places and everyone who knows a Linux distribution can manage an ISPConfig system easily.
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    That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you.
    I have been using RPM/YUM and now APT for 20 years, so I comfortable with the command line, being a generalist, I like to check with the wizards to avoid creating unrecoverable disasters.
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