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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by JCQ, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I downloaded the EBOX install iso from their site and have encountered the error "no common CD-ROM drive was detected".
    CD-ROM is a TSSCORP SATA H4921
    I have tested on an IBM machine with another an unkown IDE CDROM and had the same result.
    Debian Sage 3.1 netinstall is quite happy on both machines.
    I'm not only new to ebox (obviously) but also quite new to linux (once again obviously). Switching to shell in the root directory I have the cdrom dir (which is empty) how ever under /dev there is no cdrom? I have the following:
    fb, floppy, full, ide, input, kmem, kmsg, log, mem, misc, nul, port, ptmx, pts, pty, random, rd, root, root.old, scsi, shm, tts, tty, usb, vc, vcc, zero

    Slightly puzzled by this seeing as how the install which cant find the cdrom... is running from the cdrom (keep in mind, as I said, linux newbie).

    Any advice on this one?
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    Things to try...

    This is probably a missing driver. One option is, presuming your BIOS supports it, is to have the SATA bus appear as a PATA bus, then the OS drivers won't be an issue.

    When you say "quite happy" do you just mean that it runs and installs, or can the installed OS mount the CD?

    While I can't tell you what you need to do to fix it specifically (I don't have Debian installed or an SATA CD-ROM), I can give you a few things that may help. Look into the following commands:
    1. dmesg - shows kernel diagnostics messages, including hardware detection info.
    2. lsmod - to list the loaded kernel modules,
    3. modprobe - to probe, find and load a kernel module,
    4. modules.conf - not a command, but a configuration file,
    5. the contents of the directory /proc/scsi

    You may wish to post anything that seems to apply or that refers to scd0, hda .. hdg or sata. And specifically, what are the outputs of the following?

    find /lib/modules -name '*sata*' -print
    uname -a
    cat /etc/issue

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