Edit panel in order to not show private key

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    The page of ispconfig are generated by php, right?

    So, it's easy to remove the code to not show the private key in sites --> web domain --> ssl

    Where are this page located?

    Thanks you.
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    It might be enough to edit the html template. You find it in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/templates/web_domain_ssl.htm
  3. b7d8

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    What about to remove the key in the php template?

    just to avoid the transmission

    Which php file is used?



    Solution is to edit the file in /usr/local/ispconfig(interface/web/sites/form/web_domain.tform.php

    around line 423 comment the side ssl_key.

    so the key can stay safe.

    IHope someone might find useful

    Thanks you.
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