Edited form, but values aren't saved on the database

Discussion in 'General' started by rolandpish, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. rolandpish

    rolandpish New Member

    Hi there.
    I'm using 2.2.15 version of ISPConfig

    I edited the isp-WEB form because I needed two extra fields (shortText).
    I checked that those fields were added to isp_isp_web table.
    I checked that this form will show the new fields.

    So far, so good.

    The problem is that the values typed on those fields aren't saved on the database.
    Which php file needs to be modified in order to save these new values on the database?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You do not have to edit any PHP script, ISPConfig handles the values for you new fields automatically and saves them to the database. Please post the exact values that you used in the form editor to create the fields or a screenshot of the settings of the new fields in the form editor.
  3. rolandpish

    rolandpish New Member

    Thanks for your reply till.
    I'm doing a fresh install of a debian etch virtual machine.
    I'll post the information once everything is installed and running.

    Best Regards
  4. rolandpish

    rolandpish New Member

    Ok, now I know where the problem was.
    I declared the new fields as "write once", so when I tried to update an existing ISP site it didn't save the values.
    This is what I did: edited the form and unchecked the "write once" option, then updated the existing ISP sites with the values for the new fields (this time the values were saved). I edited the form again and checked "write once" option back and now everything is great.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards

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