Email address sorting and forwards

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by AlArenal, Jun 22, 2007.

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    a) We have several customers with a lot of email users. Sometimes it's pretty hard to find a specific user in order to check or change something, because entries seem to be ordered by creation time. Sorting by address would be more natural I think.

    b) Another feature that would come in handy at times would be the inclusion of forward display on the overview. The forwardings don't have to be listet at all, but just display the numer of configured forward addresses per user would be useful.

    c) When configuring forward addresses it would be much more intuitive to have a drop down box with configured addresses for the current web instead of having to look them up in another window or write them down before changing the forward addresses.
    The mask would then consist of a combo box with an "add" button, a list box with currently active forward addresses and a remove button and a freeform text field to add an external address to the list.

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