Email Domains mapped to wrong customer account?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by Steinbruch, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Steinbruch

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    I'm not sure if I struck a bug here - I'm running ISPconfig 3.1.1 in a multiserver setup and a customer / reseller complained about an email domain he found ended up in the wrong end customer account.
    Some research showed, that quite a large number of email domains (and only those) had one of the following issues in the DB:
    For some, domain_id, sys_userid and sys_groupid were all identical, which did make sense for only just 3 domains I created right at the beginning of using this setup (single-digit IDs each) but seems highly unlikely to happen with several hundred domains configured.
    For some more domains, domain_id and sys_groupid were identical but sys_userid mapped to the correct end customer.
    For even more, sys_userid and sys_groupid were both set to the userid of the reseller account, which might be a user error but user says he did select the correct user account during setup.
    Since the number of domains affected was substantial, what I tried in order to fix this was, I updated all sys_groupid entries of the affected domains with the correct groupid per customer setup and then resynced the mail domains using the resync tool. It seems to work ok now but I am monitoring if the issue reoccurs.
    Does anyone have any idea why/how this could have happened?
    I would like to say it is limited to domains that were created directly out of the reseller login, but that does not seem to be correct as a handful of affected domains were actually created by myself and I always log in as the respective end user before creating the domain entries - so the data must have been messed up at some later stage (those were domains that had been in use for months if not years and always shown up at the correct user account before)
    Pretty strange - never had such issues with ISPconfig before.
  2. till

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    I never heard of such an issue before and I never encountered it on any of my servers, so the most likely explanation is that the reseller did not select the right client account or changed it while he edited the domain.
  3. Steinbruch

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    That was my immediate assumption as well and I have directed him as a safeguard to always ensure he is logged in as the customer who owns the domain/email account in question - what it does not explain is, how a small number of my own customers could be affected as I am the only one managing those and I always log in as the respective user (which is easy enough to do in ISPconfig anyway - thanks :) )

    I'm monitoring the situation - if things stay calm going forward, I'll consider it a problem located somewhere between screen and chair...

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