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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Digiorb, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Recently installed the FC5 easy setup thing. Everthing works fine, but email is acting strange. I am not a new user to Linux, but I'm not an expert either. :) Here's my problem....

    I have a site set up and working...assigned a user/email account, set up the email account in Outlook. Did the "test account settings" thing in Outlook and a test message was successfully sent and received. So, I assumed all was well. The problem is that when I send email to an outside address (say [email protected]) it never gets there, but it doesn't bounce either. AND, if I send an email from [email protected] to a [email protected] I never get it...and again, it never bounces.

    What did I miss???

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    The best place to start diagnosing problems with non ispconfig related issues is check your /var/log/ files and in this case it's /var/log/maillog.

    Start this command and monitor it's output while sending an email.

    tail -f /var/log/maillog

    capture all that info and post it here if possible.
    Also, another command to work with is :


    this will tell you any mail sitting on the server waiting to deliver or is being delivered still (ie large emails).

    this is a starting point for you. Also, let us know which mail server you are using, ie Postfix or Sendmail, etc..

    PS: Logs are your friend.
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    Please make sure your ISP doesn't block port 25 (if your server is in your local network at home or in your office). If you have a dynamic IP address and/or no proper SPF/PTR records, then it's possible that Yahoo blocks your emails or puts them in the spam folder. If in doubt, you should contact the Yahoo support.
  4. djtremors

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    And to test Falkos theory then do the following on the ispc machine :

    telnet 25

    220 ESMTP YSmtp service ready
    helo {yourdomain}.com

    mail from:<[email protected]{yourdomain}.com> "djtremors"

    250 sender <test@djtremors.comok
    rcpt to:"test" <[email protected]>

    250 recipient <dj@yahoo.comok

    See how you go. I couldn't send a "data" message to it to allow sending the body for some reason, maybe i should reread the RFCs...

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