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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by OneMoreLie, Jun 5, 2007.

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    First of all hi, glad to be joining this community.
    Well i sucefully installed centOS following the great guide made by Falko Timme. Everything works smoothly except the fact that i cannot receive emails, i've searched through the forums for help basides the fact of finding a lot of similar threads i could not fix the problem, so any help here will be very apreciated.
    I'm no expert in tcp and internet stuff so i do not really understand all the Co-Domains, DNS, Records settings so i'm really confusing about setting things up.
    Just to set things simple, I've registered a domain, let's say it's and everything works fine, i've created an email account called [email protected], i can sucefully log in to it using Uebimiau, can send but not receive emails. Keep in mind that all my dns, records and co-domains have no settings, i've tried some settings myself, all non-working, and ended up clearing them all to start things from scratch.
    Now when i try to send emails to [email protected] using a account i get the email back saying: PERM_FAILURE: DNS Error: DNS server returned answer with no data.

    Any sugestions?

  2. edge

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    If you have no DNS MX settings, how will the mail send by some person at the other end of the world, or send by your neighbour know where to go?

    Basically you could compare a DNS as a phone book. Some person wants to see your page. It will type in the browsers address bar. That persons ISP DNS will do a "lookup" on, and make the connection with the server running (again. This is only a basic explanation of how a DNS works)

    Within a DNS you have records. The record for email is a MX record. (Mail eXchanger). The MX record is "part of the phone book" telling the world where the email server is (where the email should go to for

    So. If you do not have a MX record, your email will never arrive as it does not know where the mailserver is!

    As you have noted. Sending email is no problem. This is so cause you do not need an MX record to sent. (lot's of spammers make use of this with something called zombie networks)

    You have 2 options to get your email working.
    (a) Create a good configured DNS server (A record, MX record, SPF record)


    (b) use the DNS server from the place that you registered the domain with, and create a MX record that points the A record of your server.

    A nice tool to test things with is

    Let us know if you need more help.
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  3. OneMoreLie

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    Thank you for answering.
    So i've taken the second option, and i used the dns from the server where i registered the domain, i added a mx record to
    The test results from dnsstuff are positive:
    So i went to ISPconfig and added in the DNS manager tab a MX record using the those settings.
    Now i get the following error message:
    Am I doing to something wrong?

    Is my configured wrong? I used the settings provided by Falko Timme tutorial.

    Thank you.
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  4. falko

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    If another server is the authoritative nameserver for (e.g. a server from your domain registrar), then there's absolutely no need to create DNS records in ISPConfig.

    What nameservers do you see in the output of
    dig ns
    ? Are they your servers or from your domain registrar?

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