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    I've had to move one of my domains off of ISPConfig 3, they moved it to google apps. But the client wants to keep the mailman mailing lists on our local server.

    I transitioned the domain over to gmail with no problems, and setup gmail to route the specific email addresses back to ISPConfig email for mailman, which works.

    The problem lies in that a few of the mailing lists have the domain's email addresses in the list, but ISPConfig can't route those emails, because it still owns the domain, or thinks it does.

    I tried setting up email routing for the whole domain, but I don't think that's right. Will I have to list every email address individually in advanced email routing and put that domain as a relay recipient?

    As an example: gets moved to gmail
    but [email protected] and [email protected] still live on ISPConfig
    gmail routes list1 and list2 to ISPConfig and those work.
    [email protected] is a member of [email protected] and doesn't get the emails from ISPConfig.

    In the mail.log, I'm seeing Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

    What I've tried to do was setup Email routing for my ISPCconfig server, with, using type smtp, No MX Lookup and destination of

    I then setup a relay recipient using my server, and both relay recipient as or [email protected] to no avail.

    Thanks for your help
  2. till

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    I guess mailman will not work without a local domain and the domain transport expect that there is no local domain as you can not list a domain as local and external. So the only option might be to add redirects for the email addresses.

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