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Discussion in 'General' started by chrno, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. chrno

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    Sorry I'm just a bit confused as to whether or not I should check both or just one box? :confused:

    What's the difference between Mail Scan and Antivirus check box? Both of them seem to be checking for virus using clamav. Does that mean that if I check "Mailscan" then "antivirus" will be automatically selected too?

    Also what's the performance impact on the server if I check both boxes with anti spam selected too? Will this be an over kill? (I've got abt 35 mailbox setup by ispconfig on this machine)
  2. falko

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    Mailscan scans emails for malicious javascript, images, etc. and renames potentially dangerous attachment extensions like .doc, .exe so that they cannot be pened by a single click. It has nothing to do with ClamAV.
    Antivirus enables CLamAV which scans emails for viruses, trojans, etc.
    So Mailscan and antivirus do different things.

    I don't see any problems with only 35 mailboxes. If you have more mailboxes (a few hundred or so), you might have to monitor the impact on the server's load.

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