emails that can only send to the same domain

Discussion in 'General' started by lunardi, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Please enable SMTP authentication in your email client.
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    Hy Till,

    All accounts email are set up so ... with SMTP authentication.
    note: I use virtual domains and all too with SMTP authentication.

    I need is:
    that, some accounts of e-mails can only send to the same domain.

    [email protected] - just send domain
    [email protected] - just sendn domain
    [email protected] - allow send all domain
    [email protected] - allow send all domain

    Thanks again.
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    This can be achieved by using restriction classes. This allows us to define certain addresses that can only send to certain domains/receipients whilst allowing everyone else to send to any legitemate destination.

    Below is a quote from the Postfix website that outlines how to achieve the setup you require:

    Let me know if you have any issues or questions with this setup or if it proves ineffective/inappropriate.


    **EDIT** Sorry forgot to add the original Postfix page to offer some background on the subject
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