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    hello till, hello friends,
    it is possible to set wildcard ipv6 to [::] - the same way like ipv4 to *?
    i need to nginx will listen to *:80; [::]:80; *:443 ssl; [::]:443 ssl;
    or i am able to set ipv4 and ipv6 address trought administration, but i can not assign this ip to only 1 client but for all the clients
    maybe there is an another way i do not know
    thanks for your time,
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    i have tried to edit section ipv6 in line 129 /ispconfig/interface/web/sites/web_domain_edit.php
    default value:
    $ip_select "<option value=''></option>";
    updated value:
    $ip_select = ($web_config['enable_ip_wildcard'] == 'y')?"<option value='::'>::</option>":"";
    but that is not works = this select for ipv6 is not available under sites
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    ok, my fault :] there r more sections :] and it works
    is there anything why this is not a default?
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