enlarge my partition?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by candy1111, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. candy1111

    candy1111 New Member

    Anyone used EASEUS partition manager to enlarge system partition ?

    It's for Windows PC and Servers to Resize, Move, Create, Delete and Format partitions, etc. Free for home users.

    I need to enlarge my system to install new software...Any advice?Thanks...
  2. EAS800

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  3. candy1111

    candy1111 New Member

    ;) Thank you for your reply. EASEUS Partition did work well for me and it was not slow.
  4. EAS800

    EAS800 New Member

  5. bad_crow

    bad_crow New Member

    Personnaly I was used to Gparted (gnome partition editor) which can be launch from linux ou on a live CD.
    But new filesystems has the ability ti resize themselves on the fly so I don't have to use it any more.
  6. Smalfish

    Smalfish New Member

    Enlarge Windows system partition without reboot

    you can use the MiniTool Partition Wizard 5.2 edition to enlarge your system partition without reboot, for information you can go the MiniTool Partition Wizard center to get
  7. Adamkkk

    Adamkkk New Member

    easus partition manager is good

    easus partition manager did a perfect job in enlarging my c drive.

    it is the best partition tool i've ever used.

    what's more amazing is it is free for home users, really helpful.

    thanks easus.

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