Enom DNS/DKIM problem.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Chris_UK, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Chris_UK

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    Hi, I have ispconfig 3 installed on a master server and a standalone mail server.

    For simplicity I will call these domain.com and mail.domain.com

    I am having trouble getting the dkim to work in enom DNS.

    So my domain passes off mail to the mailserver, I have the correct spf saying that mail.domain.com can send mail for this doman, the dmarc is also working as expected.

    The trouble I am having is the DKIM record, MXToolbox just cannot find it even though its right there in the Enom host records.

    The dkim record is as follows:
    selector._domainkey.domain.com with TXT v=dkim1 etc etc etc

    I have validated the dkim key using https://dkimcore.org/c/keycheck and all "should" work but the dns is just not found, its well past any propagation time that might be needed.

    Should the dkim record be selector._domainkey.mail.domain.com dkim is installed on the both the master and the mail server so this is the reason I ask.

    Failing that, has anybody else gotten their dkim to work with enom, if so, can you shed any light on this as it might be something they have set, key length maybe, im just at a loss this has been a problem for me for a couple of weeks now and nothing seems to help.
  2. Chris_UK

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    I actually cannot believe this, another 20 or so minutes and this thread would never have happened.
    Well now that it has happened here is what Enom needs in terms of DKIM though I suspect other txt entries might be the same.
    Ispconfig dns record looks like this
    select._domainkey.domain.com. 3600   TXT   v=DKIM1; t=s; p=long key here
    What Enom wants from you
    select._domainkey   TXT   v=DKIM1; t=s; p=long key here
    Honestly its a small detail but that's all there is to it. Of course most people would not need this, but as i just run a couple of servers I don't need nor want the added dns server costs.

    It's probably overkill in my case to be running ISPConfig, i could do all of this by manually installing just the services i need on my two servers without it but it does simplify things for me and reduces my admin time allowing me to concentrate on my actual business which isn't hosting. Well it does when im not getting silly issues cropping up like this.
  3. till

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    Most likely, enom does not support the long domain name syntax then. Both records you posted are the same, just one in short syntax and the other one in long syntax. ISPConfig supports long and short syntax btw.
  4. Chris_UK

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    That is actually good to know, I am going to adjust that so it uses the shorter version for future clarity.

    You are correct by the way, enom uses the short syntax, I was able to use this to remedy a few other dns issues too.
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