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    I am working with the SOAP-API and added some functionality around
    customers, server-ips and vhosts. The examples and the code in are very helpful. Thanks for that.

    The database ist rather complex. Is there some detailed documentation about
    tables, foreign keys, database Structure, ... You see, I ask for a sort of ER-Diagram (Entity Relationship).

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  2. till

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    I'am sorry, we dont have a ER diagram. I explained some relations here in the dev forum some time ago, maybe you can dig them up :)
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    Today I did a little reverse engineering and created a first draft ERD for the database of ISPConfig Since it seems there are no relations in "dbispconfig" defined, I tried to put it together via common sense and looking at the data. However it comes without any guarantee of completion nor correctness. At least one thing regarding table "mail_backup" - I could not figured out if the data is related towards mail_domain or domain table.

    The file "" contains one big sheet with all tables. In the other file "" I selected some sections and showed them in detail but left out the commonly used tables sys_user, sys_group and server

    I used the free tool MySQL Workbench and would love to upload the model, but unfortunately the forum does only allow me to upload ca. 150k of zip, but the model-zip is about 180k.

    There is much room for improvement - comments are welcome...

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