ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED after i moved my domain to ispconfig 3

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Raghu M, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Raghu M

    Raghu M Member

    Hi Till good morning, i have installed Ubuntu 16.04 with ispconfig 3 by following instructions mentioned, installation dint encountered any issues then after i added my domain in ispconfig 3 panel from then url is not pointing to my ip address.
    my private ip -
    local ip on which ubuntu is installed -
    as i have a router so i have redirected all the required ports form private ip to local ip.
    Name Server - ns1.yashkart(dot)com & ns2.yashkart(dot)com both have been updated in godaddy account (both name server points to same private ip, is this correct ?)

    if i browse my private ip then it loads apache default page but when i try to enter i get error saying ERRNAMENOT_RESOLVED.

    Am not able to understand what would be cause of issue. if required i can also provide access to my server.

    Awaiting for some one to help asap. thanks
  2. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    If you're running behind a NAT, make sure you have all the ports forwarded which you need - for DNS, that is both udp and tcp port 53.
  3. Raghu M

    Raghu M Member

    Hi thanks for your reply and i have opened all required ports and for your reference i have attached a screen shot. But still its not working

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  4. ahrasis

    ahrasis Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Check your router manual whether that is the correct way of doing it.
  5. loonatik

    loonatik New Member

    Delete above records and use godaddy default. You can close port 53 on your router as well.

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