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Discussion in 'General' started by Naser Brown, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Naser Brown

    Naser Brown New Member

    Hi Ispconfig users,

    I have been using the ISPCONFIG for more than 3 yrs now with current version. But suddently Im starting getting error whenever I tried to add new website domain, there is no problem in adding domain in email.

    When I add the website domain, im getting this below:
    There is already a website or sub / aliasdomain with this domain name.
    There is already a subdomain with these settings.


    Infact this happens to whatever domain im trying to add. This happens even iff I login as admin. My server has more than 100 domains which works fine. and the system runs on ver

    Please asists!

    RHITNL Member

    Do you use the remote user api? I noticed it is possible to add an empty entry in mail domain via the api. Maybe you have a record in your domains that is similar?
    Have you checked the list of domains to see if there is any strange or unknown record? My answer is just a wild guess but just trying to think with you. What does the log of ispconfig tells you? This is the best place to start looking while troubleshooting

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