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Discussion in 'Technical' started by nightmher, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. nightmher

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    could someone teach me how to properly connect my ubuntu 9.04 to a windows network shared printer, the printer is connected to a domain. I can see the shared printer from the network using samba but most of the times when I try to connect to a specific printer the window just suddenly closes, but sometimes i can connect without any problems then it will install the driver of the printer and asked me for a test print, but after that the status of the printer will turn to idle then i cant print any document from my file and an error will pop-up saying "Error Printing too many failed attemps" what software can i use or how could I properly connect or configure my printer from my domain? "Please help"
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    Are there any errors in your logs?
  3. nightmher

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    im sorry but im a newbie in linux, i was just trying to explore if theres any possibility that I can connect an ubuntu to windows domain just like any workstation on it.. when I try to add a window shared printer to my ubuntu there seem to be some problem(most of the time..). I can see all the workstation connected to our domain but when i click on a specific user that has a shared printer.. the samba just close all of a sudden.. but then there are times when i can successfuly add a printer but after installing the driver it will ask me if i would like to test print.. it will prompt me to authenticate asking me for a user log and password so i use the administrator account and it successfully test print.. but after that the status of the printer will turn to "idle" and it says test connect failed(NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED).

    This is the second time I try ubuntu 9.04 but its the first time i encountered problems like that. The first time I try ubuntu 9.04 i didn't encounter such problems with the window shared printer when i can add any window shared printer in our domain with ease thats why im confused with it now..

    many thanx.. i would gladly appreciate your help..

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