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    i have an ssl bought from comodo, i installed it fine, i also included the CAbundle in the SSL BUNDLE, however i am getting an error that the CABUNDLE is broken.
    i took a look in .../sites-enabled/….vhosts
    Under port *443

    It shows only the certificate file and certificate key file location, but it does not point to the CABUNDLE file location.

    If I manually put that in the location to the bundle file which I uploaded at /var/www/clients/client0/web1/ssl/cabundle.crt, then I reload apache, it works PERFECT.
    However automatically, ispconfig updates that file (specially when you push RESYNC under tools) and it DELETES the location in the .../sites-enabled/….vhosts file !!! And stops working, with the error ca buundle chain error!!
    Any fix for this? I am using ispconfig 3.1
    thank you
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    anyone else looking for the file, i found it at /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-available (in centos 7)
    once you open the
    go to line 275 and add this
    $bundle_file = $ssl_dir.'/'.$domain.'.bundle';

    save and upload the file and now in ispconfig, if you click SAVE SSL with the bundle in there. you will get the full working bundle!!

    thx for the solution till!

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