Error when sending mail to ISPConfig?

Discussion in 'General' started by telvenes, Dec 15, 2016.

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    I have a problem, I've created an MX, example mailscanner.domain.tld to all mail that comes here will be delivered to my server painless.
    But for some other reason mail sometimes is sent directly to ispconfig and not mx.

    And the mail will be rejected when I have blocked port 25. Anybody know what is going on?
  2. Mjwienold

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    Port 25 needs to be open in order for it to receive mail from the internet. All mail servers will establish a connection on port 25 and initiate TLS (encryption) on that port if necessary.

    Secure SMTP (port 465) is used only by clients connecting to your server in order to send mail out.

    Port 587 is considered a submission port. It is also what clients use to send mail out using your server. Port 587 is preferred in SMTP settings of clients over port 25 because port 25 is blocked by many ISPs. If you have port 465 open, you don't necessarily need port 587 open as well, but I believe 587 is considered a standard and 465 is considered legacy.

    Port 25 should accept anonymous connections, but not for relaying

    Ports 465 and 587 should reject anonymous connections and allow relaying.

    set your MX record in mailscanner.domain.tld DNS record to the domain you have setup in postfix, it generally is the same server name as ispconfig if you followed most of the guides. so if you're hosting a dozen different domain websites they should all point to mailscanner.domain.tld
    for all other port related issues

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