/etc/named.conf.local not created prperly

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by deunan, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I followed the instructions from Centos Perfect Server 7.2 and completed the istallation 2 days ago.Now begins the painstaking task of configuring and customizing.

    A I am tinkering with the DNS Templates, I noticed that the file "/etc/named.local" is not created properly by ISPConfig. After adding a zone via wizard, after a minute, the corresponding file "/var/named/pri.exampledomain.com" was crreated with all the records created properly, only the file "/etc/named.local" wasn't updated properly.

    Instead, a 1 byte sized file which is empty was updated/created in its place. I've tried to revert back to original default template but no go.

    Kindly please all in the community/dev teams help assist in advising on pointing where I go wrong on this.

    Appreciate it very much!

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    Hello Till

    Thank you for teaching me how to fish! ;-)

    I've found out that the issue was caused by low entropy during DNSSEC generation attempt. The fix was to to have haveged service enabled.

    I remembered there's instructions to install haveged package as per the perfect server installation tutorial but it seems ISPConfig did not enable/start it during its own automated config process. I surmised that maybe because haveged is not a requirement if entropy is sufficient and needed and thus not enabled initially.

    Systemctl status shows vendor preset was to disable it upon package installation and also as it is not enabled, I assume there is no intervention to enable it anywhere durig the ISPConfig installation.

    Maybe ISPConfig needs to verify entropy sufficiency in the future and enable/start haveged as necessary.. But Till, you know best ;-)

    Anyway, thank you Till for the fishing lessons and "Till for Chancellor!!"

  4. till

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    Thank you for the hint about haveged, I'll add a not in the perfect server guides to activate it.

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