Excluded Directories from backups

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nycpihkx7w1a, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. nycpihkx7w1a

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    Hi all! Just register 'cause have problem with backups.
    Use latest ISPConfig (3.1.14p1) on Debian 9 full updated.
    Whant to exclude some dirs from backups. Try to write: web/administrator or web/administrator/* or full path /var/www/clients/client2/web3/web/administrator and nothing happens: allways I've got full backups of all files in "web" dir.
    Want to ask: how manualy run backup script (for testing) and where is logs of this script?
  2. Taleman

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  3. calbasi

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    Same error here. Debian 10. ISPConfig Version: 3.1.15p3
  4. calbasi

    calbasi Member HowtoForge Supporter

    But it's OK in other server with Ispconfig 3.11 and Debian 9.

    I'm going to upgrade it to see if the problem is with Ispconfig 3.15p3

    By the way, is it possible debug if tar gzip exclussion is running ok? I suppose it's not difficult to test:
    1) analyze and execute the same tar command, or similar, which is used by Ispconfig script (I'll try to do it)
    2) try to test if the problem is getting excluded folders variable from the script.
  5. calbasi

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    Ok, my second server, upgraded to IspConfig 3.15p3 has done backups well, excluding folders...
    So the problem, at the moment, is with a Debian 10 server...
  6. calbasi

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    I've tested the cron process outoput and it seems "--exclude" folders are there, but they are not excluded!
    From my top process (I suppose this line is trimmed by my terminal screen):
    1864 root 20 0 8856 3048 2712 S 7.3 0.1 0:07.58 tar pcf - --exclude=./backup* --exclude=/var/www/clients/client2/web3/private/moodledata --exclude=/var/www/clients/client2​

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