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    Good Day, I have a similar problem to this post which has no answer.

    What's the best way to migrate cPanel Exim (mbox) emails to ISPConfig Postfix (mdaildir)? One of my providers is closing a Data Center and I need to migrate 2 of my servers to another provider.
    - Running CentOS6.7 with ISPConfig

    Google often sends me to a tool called mb2md? Maybe someone has experience with this and could share a few command lines? Also this seems to be run as the user and not root. I have too many users for this? I can use IMAP on both servers and transfer that way. It's just going to take forever?

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    There are scripts to convert mailboxes in mailbox format to maildir, a common one is "md2mb", this is available on most Distrbutions as package. The migration step would be:

    1) Create the email domain and mailbox in ispconfig.
    2) Copy over the mailbox to the ispconfig server.
    3) convert the mailbox to maildir.
    4) copy the maildir to the right place on the ispconfig server (/var/vmail/domain.tld/user/Maildir) and ensure that all files and folders in the Maildir belong to the user and group "vmail".

    You can not have too many users for this tools as it just splits the mailbox file into separate email files and stres them in a maildir compatible folder structure, so you can run it as any user incl. root, just ensure that you chown the resulting maildir to user and grpup vmail afterwar.

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