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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Hi, i have a major problem at the moment, i'm using ispconfig multi-server
    i tried changing the default pm settings for pm_max_children and pm_max_requests.

    after this, when going into the control panel, sites tab and select a website, i go to options, and get the error message:
    There is already a website or sub / aliasdomain with this domain name.

    i tried to resync the websites, and now several websites have been renamed, the vhost file has been changed to another already existing domain name, the open_basedir has been changed to use the new domain name, all the symlinks under /var/www have changed to use the new domain name

    under the web domain settings, the existing domain name in the domain drop-down list is no longer there.

    what's the best way to get everything back?

  2. till

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    I guess you switched on the domain limit module (System > Interface config > domain) but did not enter all domains under clients so that the domain of the website dont exist in the system. Either disable the domain module again or check that all domains have been added iunder Client > domains.
  3. nhybgtvfr

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    Thanks Till, i actually managed to work it out before your reply and disabled the domain module.
    however i do need to migrate all the sites from another plesk server ( i actually enabled the domain module last thursday getting ready to do a dry run), so before i enable it again, i just want to check a couple of things.

    is all this information all in the domain table? or is it part of the web_domain table? or spread across tables?
    is it safe to add any missing information directly into the database or should i use the web interface?

    also, reading the info on the import process, if an account already exists on ispconfig, i can reserve the name and a new name will be created, if the name is not reserved, according to the documentation, the account is overwritten by the new imported account.
    is this a complete overwrite? ie the original account/websites etc are removed, or are they merged, so that the existing websites remain, and any new websites from the plesk server are added to the same account?


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