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    I have for several years a multi server setup with 2 servers (Master and Slave)
    due to a power outage in one server rack several services where no longer available. This was the rack with the Master server. Now I was looking into clustering the master server (failover cluster) and found the following tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/installin...tabase-cluster-on-debian-6.0-with-ispconfig-3

    I am interested in the following services to cluster
    * Mail
    * Control Panel
    * websites on master server
    * Client website plus webmail
    * MySQL databases on master server

    I installed my server back in 2011 somewhere and it has been running smoothly ever since, I upgraded the OS several times with aptitude so I am running the latest version of Debian now.

    How difficult is it to add the clustering? And is it even possible?


  2. SpeedyB

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    Nobody can help me with if it is possible?
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    Sorry for the late reply, I missed hat post :)

    It is possible to add clustering to a single server, but its not that easy as it reqiuires some manual fiddling with the database. I dont have a ready guide for that. Basically you will install the system as described in this guide, but at at the end after you installed the second ispconfig instance you will have to import the data from the first ispconfig database into the second ispconfig database and then change the server_id value for all records in the second DB that have a column with this name from 1 to 2.

    In any case, ensure that you have a good backup of the first server inkl. the ispconfig database.

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