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Discussion in 'General' started by Elayne, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Elayne

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    I didn't found a better category than this one to ask my question. I've read a lot through the roadmap of the planned and done things in the bugtracker about ISPConfig 3.1 so I'm really excited to know when it's expected to be released? I've tried searching through the Internet and what I've found so far in one place it says the end of October and in another place it says in the end of January 2015. I'm checking everyday the progress in the roadmap, because I would really like to migrate to ISPConfig 3.1. I'm not rushing or anything, just couldn't hold my self to ask the question out of curiosity. By the way, I've looked literally each Hosting Panel that exist, from the most plain text to the most beautifully designed and useless/functionless panels and ISPConfig seems to beat them all. I hope to get an answer.
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  2. till

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    Hi, I expect that we have a first beta version of the 3.1 release in february as we just finished the transition to the new theme which was the biggest missing part and are working now on the fine tuning to get all features going again in the new UI.
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    Great, I'm really happy to read those news! I'm specially waiting to buy a new server for the new ISPConfig! :D
    I really hope for you guys to not have much troubles implementing all the new stuff from the roadmap and rewriting the features for the new UI. :)
    Good luck, can't wait! :)

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