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    During installation of PCLinuxOS I wasn't asked what type of file system to create. I assumed it would create ext3. But, when I looked at my fstab file after the installation it said they were ext2.

    pclosmag has this to say about file systems:
    ext2 and ext3 Very likely your Linux partitions are Ext3. Ext2 used to be the standard file system for Linux, but these days, Ext3 and ReiserFS are usually the default file systems for almost every new Linux distro. Ext3 is a newer file system type that differs from Ext2 in that it's journaled, meaning that if you turn the computer off without properly shutting down, you shouldn't lose any data and your system shouldn't spend ages doing file system checks the next time you boot up.

    Did I miss something during the installation and accidentally select ext2? Or does PCLinuxOS default to ext2?

    Thanks for your time and help!
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    I'm mistaken.
    I did another install on an unformatted hard disk using the following choices:
    - erase and use entire disk
    - DrakX formats it without user intervention
    - excerpt of resultant fstab:
    # /dev/sda1, size=16370172, type=131: Journalised FS: ext3 (primary)
    /dev/sda1 / ext3 defaults 1 1

    # /dev/sda5, size=8177022, type=130: Linux swap (extended)
    /dev/sda5 swap swap defaults 0 0

    # /dev/sda6, size=463732227, type=131: Journalised FS: ext3 (extended)
    /dev/sda6 /home ext3 defaults 1 2

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