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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kaschig, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. kaschig

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    in ISPConfig I cannot change some of my (already existing) "email-forwarding-rules".

    I've created a email-mailbox for a domain ("[email protected]"). Then I created (among other alias, forwarding rules and pop3-mailboxes) a catchall for this domain - redirecting to that (first) email-mailbox ("@domain.de -> [email protected]"). The reason is that I only can select existing mailboxes as destination for a catchall.

    Now I had set (in some release before... 3.0.1...) a forwarding for this mailbox to an external mail-address ("[email protected] -> [email protected]")

    If I go to the forwarding-page to change this setting now (or add a new one) I got the error message "Es existiert bereits eine Mailbox mit dieser Email Adresse" (already a mailbox with this address exists). Sure, that's right :) but why it's a fault by now?

    What other way exists to have following settings:

    info@domain is mailbox (IMAP)
    test@domain forwarded to info@domain
    @domain forwarded to spam@external-address

  2. till

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    You can use transports to forward emails to other mailservers.
  3. kaschig

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    Hi Till,

    I thought a transport will affect the domain at whole? I just wanted to handle catch-all in an other way than some (few) special accounts.

    And: that was possible in earlier ISPconfig 3 versions - I've created and used such domain configurations - and it looked as if it worked :)
    By now (even - maybe some version before - I haven't tried to modify that config some time) I cannot save a rule like that any more.

    So - assuming it worked - there is now a discontinued function in ISPConfig 3. Are there some compatiblitiy reasons? I haven't found an entry in the bugtracker?

  4. SpeedyB

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    I have the same problem, but the above solution is not the one for me. I have the following setup:

    [email protected] receives mail for info
    [email protected] receives mail for sales and presales
    [catchall]@mydomain.tld the rest must go to an external email address for a marketing concern

    With the transport the other mailserver must know and handle the domain.

    Is there a solution for this?

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