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Discussion in 'General' started by testset, Mar 25, 2007.

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    hi community,

    i installed this great ispconfig on my server. mail via mail-plugin works (not really tested, but login works). How can i connect with an e-mail program to the mail server (e.g. with Thunderbird) - pop.domain.tld? what's the username?

    Another "problem": can i create default error sites for all (new) users? can i define special error sites for my main domain (domain.tld - error at dafjödafjkf.domain.tld should show the same as other unregistered subdomain afojafdojfaofd.domain.tld).

    how can i connect to my mysql/phpmyadmin? should i use https://domain.tld:81/phpmyadmin? which is my login data? web1_foobar won't work? can i remove my "local" phpmyadmin and mysql or should i use the local mysql and can administrate it with the port 81 phpmyadmin?

    i am happy to retrieve your answers! :)
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    You can use any domain or IP that points to your server as pop3 and smtp server in your mailclient. The email username is the email username that you created for the account. It has normally this form web[ID]_username

    You can create custom error pages in the options of a website and you can change the default pages in /root/ispconfig/isp/

    You must use the mysql username and password, not the FTP / email username.
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    hooray - thanks for this information ;-)

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