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Discussion in 'General' started by zepx, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. zepx

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    ISPConfig suddenly stopped creating web domain and client accounts. After creation, I don't see the /var/www/clients/client[id] folder nor do I see /var/www/, /etc/apache2/etc/sites-available/

    How can I check what is going wrong? It seems like ISPConfig cannot edit the vhosts files either. Tested with deactivate and activate. It's not working as well. It looks like I've messed up something or so.

    This is urgent, please help me out.

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  2. abubin

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    have you checked at the folder permissions? also check the under system tab for location of sites to be created. Maybe it got changed accidentally.
  3. zepx

    zepx New Member

    The permissions are correct... the vhosts files are all chmod 644 and owned by root.

    Update: switching on debug, here's what I get,

    There is already an instance of server.php running. Exiting.
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  4. zepx

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