Fail2Ban blockiert Dovecot IMAP

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    I created a Perfect Wheezy Server with this tutorial:

    I have several users, which are connecting to the mailserver from the same office/IP. The connection to the mailserver (IMAP, SMTP) isn't stable. I configured the mail_max_userip_connections for dovecot already.

    Fail2Ban is blocking the IP, because of too many connections. How could I reconfigure Fail2Ban to get rid of this problem.
    2015-02-09 17:14:59,975 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [dovecot-pop3imap] Unban IPADDRESS
    2015-02-09 17:15:20,002 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [dovecot-pop3imap] Ban IPADRRESS
    2015-02-09 17:25:20,591 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [dovecot-pop3imap] Unban IPADDRESS
    (IPADDRESS = address of the office - maximum of 50 connections)

    I understand this security mechanism, but the server is prepaired for these 50 connections from this office. I already had a look to the jail.conf from Fail2Ban, but everything is disabled exept of "SSH". How could I reconfigure Fail2Ban?

    I would really appreciate your help.


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  2. till

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    Fail2ban is not blocking based on the connection count. It bans only based on the number of false password tries. so anyone from your office connects with a wrong password.
  3. fatmaddin2000

    fatmaddin2000 New Member

    Thanks! That was exactly the problem.

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