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    after reading

    it looks like it is a server, slave setup, if server goes down does slave, serve web pages to public automatically. or would i need a setup in front of these like this

    and since this is setup for lan setups would i need a nat solution in front of everything.

    i currently run ispconfig 2 on two servers and had a issue and am looking for a new solution

    i believe i founf the answer at this thread

    so i get this right if i have

    webserver1 at ip
    webserver2 at ip
    and i use ispconfig 3 setup above and put * in website settings
    i will be accessing both servers at the same time,,,,, Correct ?
    making them redundant with failover ?
    and i should be able to set the mail servers to 10 on webserver1 and 20 on webserver 2.
    so the mail servers are not confused. let me know if i got this one right i am working on two new servers at present. and would like to bring them up to production.

    or would a different setup be better..?

    thanks to all your expertise i really enjoy these tutorials
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