Fedora 11 - new user & help with guide on best desktop & compiz as well as themes?

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    I have a few questions, I wouldn't typically put them all in one thread, but I figure it would be better than posting 14 or so new threads given most items are related...

    I like Fedora 11 and want to get it to where it works like Linux Mint or another newbie type distro, as I find it much faster, and really want to "LEARN" linux and not just replace windows, although I am replacing windows as well.

    I am confused as to how to get this to run like a regular "windows" or Linux Mint system in terms of playing all the media, having openoffice installed, etc.
    I have searched around and there are so many answers that vary in posts on the forums which contradict eachother that I thought it made more sense to go directly to someone that would know what to do such as yourself.

    In my latest install I have followed much of this article I sent the link to below, but to me it seems like I am installing alot more than I need. What I really want in my laptop is to be able to do the following:
    1. Run OpenOffice, Thunderbird - lightning plugin,
    2. DropBox
    3. TrueCrypt
    4. Skype possibly and/or Pidgin
    5. WINE - possibly I will use this, I am searching for a way to synch my calendar, contacts, and tasks to my IPHONE?
    6. Google gadgets maybe for the IPHONE synch stuff
    7. Play movies, (back them up if possible? - they have dvd encryption)
    8. Play streaming media, you tube, hulu.com, streaming music from radio station websites, etc.
    9. Install Adobe AIR and maybe tweetdeck or seesmic, or maybe this one one I found HootSuite - for twitter
    10. ISO image creation/burning - Brasero is always giving me errors, and I posted about it but I can't get an answer. Usually it is some sort of access denied error, or write error, but then the disc burns seem fine anyway, so I think K3B seems better.
    11. KRDC - I just like tabs :) But always worry about installing KDE type apps in my gnome system (Sort of the worry you get when you have used Windows for so long, and then uninstalling makes me worried about slowing down and cluttering up the system like windows :)
    12. Picassa perhaps, google earth,
    13. Themes & a dock bar - this has been my biggest frustration with all the distros (and it is my own fault), I just can't figure out how to get my system to look like some of the really nice themes on sites like gnome-look, and so forth. Do you have any suggestions and do you use a dock?
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