Fedora 7 on HP Tablet PC

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kotasri, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. kotasri

    kotasri New Member

    I want to install Fedora 7 on my tablet. But officially HP says that they don't support any Linux. I have in-built Finger print reader, web cam, touchscreen and mic and also my tablet supports 64 bit on which I am running 32 bit Home Premium vista. So I am totally confused whether I have to proceed or not as there could be problem of drivers. I took the complete back of my data but really worried as I will be loosing all the training I gave to the touch screen and so many passwords saved on my single sign on with my thumb if i have to come back to this stupid vista.

    I even put vmware and run fedora 7 but the results are not good. I was just following the The perfect desktop of falko but couldn't achieve any positive results. Any suggestions or if anybody tried successfully, please let me know the procedure so that I can install linux on my system.

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