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  1. skylark1021

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    I want to use fetchmail to retrieve my mail. I'm using VM by vagrant. I put a .fetchmailrc file in my home directory, which looks like this:

    poll imap.gmail.com
    protocol IMAP
    auth password
    user "mygmailaccount" is vagrant here
    password "mypassword"
    mda "/usr/bin/procmail -f %F -d %T"

    when i use fetchmail command, I always get an error:

    fetchmail: no mailserver has been specified.

    how can I fix it? I've searched for two days and I cannot find any answer. Please, help! c:
  2. Taleman

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    I think your .fetchmailrc has wrong syntax. I have used fetchmailconf go create my .fetchmailrc, then the syntax is automatically correct. Maybe fetchmailconf is available for your OS? If not, install it somewhere else, run it and copy the .fetchmailrc.
    If that is not possible, use Internet Search Engines to find docs on how to write .fetchmailrc.

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