file permissions in web directory are replaced by cron?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mgyuri, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. mgyuri

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    I know that using ISPConfig one cannot make manual changes to the apache vhost config files, as they will be overwritten by cron.

    But I have a different problem and is it caused by another cron job or the problem lies somewhere else. Here is the difficulties I have:

    I run ISPConfig 2.2.9 on Debian Ethc with Apache2 and PHP5 only as a module. No suExec and no php5-cgi. My customer has custom web-shop application on PHP, and he made the necessary directories as 777 by his FTP client to allow the app to upload product pictures, etc. There were no problems so far.

    Now I got complains from the customer that in about every 2 days all the permissions he had fine-tuned by hand by his FTP client got reset to 775. The owner was never changed from webx-username:webx and remaines so.

    I have set up a test user account and made files with 444, 664 and 666 and dirs with 555, 775 and 777 to try to repeat the permission reset, but maybe someone had a similar experience or know exactly which cron couses the problems?
  2. mgyuri

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    The system went overnight, no change in my test directory.

    I am curious if anything will happen this night.
  3. falko

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    The permissions in the web directory and its subdirectories aren't changed by ISPConfig. Maybe your customer's directory was one or two levels up?

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