Files remain when FTP accounts are deleted

Discussion in 'General' started by bhwong, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. bhwong

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    I notice that files inside FTP accounts folder do not get deleted when these accounts are deleted, causing potential huge amount of storage been used up that no one has access to. Is it possible to remove the folder when the respective account is remove too?

    Boon Hong.
  2. till

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    The FTP users of a website share all the same folders, so all FTP users of a website have access to them. So its not correct that nobody has access to these files and it is the intended behaviour that no files get deleted if a FTP account and not the website gets removed.

    If you delete the website, then all files get removed.
  3. bhwong

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    I see. Cause when I removed an FTP account, the files this account uploaded remain there but the other account of the same domain do not see it.

    You are right that when the domain is removed, the files are removed too. I didn't realize this cause I still see their folders in the system, but inside are empty.

    Boon Hong.
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