Find and installing Skiff on a Linux computer

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    Over the past weekend, I read an article through a social media provider that is interested in end-to-end encryption of personal messages. The program in the article was called 'Skiff' and is available on iPhone and Android systems and a few limited OS (Windows, Apple) but not on Linux. Later Sunday, I sent a message to someone in their development team asking if Skiff would work on a Linux computer. A quick reply came back that indicated that if enough support for the Linux system were received, they could move that project to a higher list position. I failed to reply to the message. Still, the program is open-source and basically free of cost (they do have some costs with premium accounts). But I was wondering if the program, Skiff, could be adapted to the Linux Operating System.
    Thank you.
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    I don't think this is the right forum to ask such a question but anyways.
    You are talking about a very specific app. If the development team already answered your question by saying it is possible, then sure why shouldn't it be. It might take alot of work to port it over and as long as there is not enough demand in a port, or someone is willing to do it then you're out of luck i guess.

    But it is best to ask such questions and see what the community thinks in there Github repository. You can find it here:

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