Fire protection system for a small server in office and server expenses optimization?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by adrenalinic, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Hi, Anyone know how to protect and wich are the probability of fire caused directly from a working server in an office?

    For little server I mean a model like this:

    I'm evalutating to transfer in my office with 10mbit of upload bandwidth in fiber connection, the 3 virtual machines that now are running in a remote datacenter for 50€ monthly.

    The idea is to not spend for a continuous "vps renting", and to use an own server with the flexibility of being able to virtvirtualize more server os applications with moore cpu power, winding down the monthly expenses for no hardware in own office.

    I accept with great pleasure your opinions in merit!! :eek:

    Best regards.
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    Today it does not make much sense in most cases to run a server in your own office as it will cost you more then a server in a datacenter. Did you calculate the electricity power and also the cost of the server divided by e.g. 36 months? Also 10mbit upload is not much.

    If you like to save some money, then better get a cheaper root server in a datacenter (you can find server starting at 23 eur / month e.g. in the hetzner "server börse" which are a little bit older or for about 35 eur for current servers) and then get some additional IP's for that server and run your vm's there.
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    From a base of 100watt consumption for 24hours multiplied the medium of 0,22€ of electricity fee for 1kw, the montlhy consumption is around 16/20€ , in one year: around 200/250€.

    The server will cost 379€

    Total: € 575
    On one year the monthly average cost will be 50/60€.
    In two years is 23/25 €
    3 years = 15/18 €

    I think that a new server like this will not have hardware problems at least for 2 years.

    The costs..are equivalent..

    Obviously the comfort and the flexibility of having the server at "home" in order to make any modification, this can't have a price..

    The bandwidth is not important..I order to run a joomla site's or similars... or big nginx portals....10mbit are enought.. there is more latency processing the php pages than the fiber connection latency.

    Any other suggestion?

    Thanks. Regards.
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