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    I've got got 2 physical machines involved with this:
    Machine A:
    Performed a CentOS 6 full install including gnome desktop on software raid-1. All is well with firefox (it works from the GUI and command line). Oracle Java jdk1.8.0_171 was installed

    Machine B:
    Performed the install from a minimal CentOS 6 DVD (followed the Server World install script) and later installed the desktop (Oracle DB requires the GUI desktop to install). Ran the following command yum -y groupinstall "Internet Applications" "Internet Browser". Installed Oracle Java jdk1.8.0_202. When I attempt to start Firefox I get a 'Firefox Starting' message then nothing. SO I ran the following command line: /usr/bin/firefox and I get the following message:
    [root@jpdsys3 ~]# /usr/bin/firefox
    Starting a11y dbus service...
    /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /websoft/java/jdk1.8.0_202/jre/lib/amd64/ undefined symbol: _ZSt7getlineIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEERSt13basic_istreamIT_T0_ES7_RNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIS4_S5_T1_EES4_

    Should I eliminate the 'alternatives' command used to setup

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