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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by heinrich_k, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. heinrich_k

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  2. srijan

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    Check the status of ufw

  3. heinrich_k

    heinrich_k New Member

    What's "ufw" ?

    In any case, I had to call my hoster so the server was reset completely, since I could not log in via ssh anymore, or do anything, for that matter...

    After it happened for a second time, I changed to an hoster provided image with ubuntu + plesk.

    But actually I'd like to use the ISPConfig3 setup provided in the tutorial, but if I can't log in from one moment to another, it is kind of pointless....
  4. srijan

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    ufw is a program for managing a netfilter firewall

    It means that after restart the "ssh" service is not start -up boot.

    Add it in startup as
  5. heinrich_k

    heinrich_k New Member

    The ssh demon was in the start, as was apache, and dovecot and so on. Like I said, the server worked seemingly fine - as with the tutorial above.

    However, without any reason (at least none I could find) the server had all ports closed after a 'reboot' command.

    No, apache, no dovecot and no ssh.

    My hoster provides a rescue system, which I then booted, and logged in to, but I could not find anything odd.

    Since this happened twice - every time after I had set up the server, created profiles and so on, I though maybe it is a known phenomenon.
  6. srijan

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    It means that the firewall gets started with the reboot

    & then chek the status after restart
  7. heinrich_k

    heinrich_k New Member

    Would there be a way to achieve that, from the rescue system?

    Meaning, if I only have access to the file system, where would I make sure the firewall isn't loaded ?

    And why would the firewall activate itself anyways. It didn't all these reboots before...
    And the tutorial clearly status, that ISPConfig3 comes with it's own firewall.
  8. srijan

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    UFW is prenative firewall with a debian/ubuntu. It is always in deny mode by default But sometimes it gets activated may be due to some installations, so better to either remove or de-activate ufw.

    To deactivate it you can use


  9. heinrich_k

    heinrich_k New Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I'll retry to setup the server with this in mind later this month...

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