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    I have created a subnet ( with two nic ( to use as a local router machine) behind a gateway (xxx.yyy.39.190). Please have a look at the attached file. Now I am encountering following issues:

    1) The subnet machines with ( machines can access the Internet and other services I open for the gateway xxx.yyy.39.192), but not other services within the local net services like samba and others.

    2) Even the localnet could not access the services being run in subnet machines.

    The above two conditions are mandatory for me. Any help, how to achieve them? Thanks!

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  2. falko

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    Is this maybe a firewall problem? Are there any errors in your logs?
  3. zenny

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    Couldn't see any errors. Is there any specific error logs to this situation?

    For your info, iptables-save generated the following /etc/sysconfig/iptables:

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