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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by pjm2211, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. pjm2211

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    I have tried several php form mail scripts on my ispconfig server...I"m running fc4.....does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should use? Need to process forms, ie>contact us, get a quote, etc... and have them emailed to a couple people in my company when the user hits "submit". Any suggestions would be appreciated as I've tried several. Thanks for any help or direction...
  2. falko

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    Did you have a look at
  3. pjm2211

    pjm2211 New Member

    ...ya....I've probably tried a dozen or more scripts or so from there.
  4. matto1376

    matto1376 New Member

    have you had any luck??

    how did you go with this one??

    falko I am now up and running with mail but this was the root of my problem....I have also tried several scripts.
    what happens is when the script executes, it then gets redirected to a 'thanks' page, and the page doesn't display at all.
    not sure what's happening here. mail is functioning normally on the server. The scripts I have tried work on other servers, (they are pretty simple anyway) so I'm guessing the scripts are ok.

    Any fault finding tips?

    Thanks, Matt.
  5. falko

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