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  1. linuxuser1

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    Great Setup writeup. As a complete novice in unix/linux I have not manged to get the system going following the setup procedures. But I have few questions.

    1. When I click on the Web-FTP and put in the username and password, I keep getting errors. Is there is anything that I need to do?

    2. On the Server services page, it shows that only the MySql service is Online while others, FTP, Mail DNS Web are offline while they are all showing "ON". I have click restart and save it but no luck. Is there any other place I can check to get this showing "Online".

    Thanks for your kind help.

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Which errors?

    Are they showing only not online or are they not working hwen you connet with an FTP or email client?
  3. falko

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    Make sure you don't mix up ISPConfig users (clients and resellers; they can only login to ISPConfig) and system users (they are created on the tab "User & Email") and can use services such as ftp, email, etc.
  4. linuxuser1

    linuxuser1 New Member

    They are showing

    I have about four web sites on this machine so I will assume that at least the Web Server which i can connect to both inside and outside the network is working. As you can see above, only the mySQL is showing Online.

    I have tried to log on to the FTP using the Web_FTP, I put in the username and password and it does,t connect.

  5. linuxuser1

    linuxuser1 New Member

    What I have done is to create a user in a client's to enable them log on to ISPConfig which they can do. I have also created a user under ISP site and they are prefix with web1_name of client. When I click on Web_FTP and put in the username and password, I get the following:

    The following error occurred:

    Could not connect to localhost

    Next >>

    What am trying to achieve is to enable every client to use FTP to upload files to their respective web sites. May be there are other things I need to do. Please help.

  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Is it possible that you haven't allowed these services to listen on So you could access them from the outside, but not from the system itself...
  7. linuxuser1

    linuxuser1 New Member

    Sorry about my question. It may seems stupid but please bear with me. This is my first week on linux/unix. I have been a microsoft windows guy for 3 years. Now my questio is how do I allow these services to listen on

    2. is it possible to change ISPConfig's protocol to https intead of http? If yes, how do I do this.

    3. I tried to install phpmyadmin yesterday using one of the setup guides, bearing in mind that I have installed ISPConfig before installing the phpmyadmin, which directory should I have installed phpmyadmin. I have the web sites directory as /var/www. I install phpmyadmin in this directory but am not able to see the welcome page when I type www.mydomainname.org/phpadmin.

    Many thanks.
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    There are various configuration files for these services, e.g. /etc/mysql/my.cnf for MySQL.

    It is possible, but it's not that easy. I wouldn't touch it unless you have no problem with screwing up your system... ;)

    Did you try to install the phpMyAdmin package from www.ispconfig.org using ISPConfig's update manager (Management -> Update -> Update Manager)?
    Afterwards you can find a link to your new phpMyAdmin under Tools.

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