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    Hi Guys

    I am migrating over from Centos 6.6 to Debian Wheezy on a new server.

    I have managed to get most things working, except FTP.

    On my old server, I ended up changing the directory of /www from /var/www/ to /home/www as I was having space issues.

    Learning from my mistakes, /var is now huge. I have emails working and websites working back in there original place, but i cannot change the FTP location from /home/www to /var/www because;
    1. Directory not inside of web root directory.
    Is this because of the protected folders?

    I removed the FTP user and remade, and it still wants to put /home/www

    Can anyone suggest where to look?

    Kind Regards

  2. I think, issue is in root directory. Try to reconfigure ftp server one more time from root directory.
    [root@user~]# yum -y install vsftpd
    Also create user in root directory
    [root@user ~]# useradd -d /ftp/user user

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