FTP transfers bandwidth works great then eventually drops

Discussion in 'General' started by mychael, Mar 23, 2019.

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    I have a user that uploads photos to host for their ebay store, and they have been complaining about upload speeds coming to a crawl -- after a few uploads of everything working just fine. They say that trying to open directories takes forever, and if it does open after crawling the directory shows as empty even though files should be there... that sounds like it's just timing out to me. Has anyone else experienced this? I know they are running Windows 10 and are using RaiDrive for their FTP uploads. The server they are uploading to is running the latest version of ISP Config 3 on Debian 9.
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    Is the disk system under too much load?
    Install dstat and keep this running when customer uploads files:
    dstat --disk-tps --disk-util -c --mem -s --load 10 360
  3. mychael

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    I installed dstat and ran the command and the screen shot shows what I was seeing. I don't believe the disk is under too much stress, or write speeds to be the problem.

    The user switched computers (to mac and using cyberduck) and is still having problems with FTP. While preparing to copy files to a directory, they received an error from cyberduck "The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occured (error code 110006)".

    Is there somewhere a connection may be throttled, like a ban list or something? I'm just at a loss.

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    The user provided their login credentials, and I was able to to upload using* their account credential from my work's internet connection just fine. So at this point, I'm assuming it's either their network connection or a ban/throttle of their IP on my server.
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    User turned on VPN and it worked fine. So now it has to be ISP throttling or a server ban/throttle of sorts, right? I'll try my best to google this, for now, but figured I'd post the updates just in case anyone is responding.
  6. till

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    Yes, must be throttling that is applied by the internet access provider of your customer.
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