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  1. derrickyoung95

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    I finally have something that resembles a working system. I can create cleints, users and sites with no problem. howver when I try to login to ftp files to a site I get teh following message

    Error: Transfer channel can't be opened. Reason: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
    Error: Could not retrieve directory listing

    it appears to take the user name and password ok. I am suspecting that from teh server it is forcing SSL and ther is a problem with cert there? Any help is appreciated
  2. derrickyoung95

    derrickyoung95 New Member

    Ok apparently my problems run a little deeper than I thought. Although the admin interface on port 81 is working and does not report errors my virtual sites do not work, an email account I have created on a site will not log into pop and my ftp still will not connect.

    the error logs under /var/www/web1/log is empty

    the mail.err log in /var/log states

    Jul 6 22:38:27 lord-stanley courierpop3login: connection, ip=[::FFFF:]
    Jul 6 22:38:27 lord-stanley courierpop3login: chdir Maildir: No such file or directory
  3. till

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    Did you select the correct IP address for the virtual site? You must use the internal IP address if the server is behind a router.

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