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Discussion in 'General' started by diegoc, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Dear all,
    This is my first message on the forum. I'm Diego, I work as system engineer for a small Italian company.
    I'm writing this because I'm facing a strange issue with ISPCONFIG 3.
    I'm trying to manage an installation made up with 2 server: a webserver and a mailserver.
    I was able to create customers, sites, databases, mailboxes and everything I need, but when I tried to create an FTP User, I got a strange behaviour of the web interface. On the top of the FTP_Users page, there was a SQL error and I couldn't do anything on the page.
    Taking a look to the PHP code and the MYSQL table, I found that the query in the PHP code was trying to fetch the record of the FTP_User table and "order by" a field called USERNAME. Unfortunately there wasn't any field called USERNAME in the FTP_User table!!!
    I manually added the field to the table and the SQL error disappeared!! Then I tried to add an FTP user by clicking on the button, but the "FTP_USER_EDIT.php" didn't load :(:(
    Do you have any advice about this?
    Thank you in advance !!!
  2. till

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    Download the ispconfig tar.gz of the version that you use on your server, there you find a file install/sql/ispconfig3.sql which contains the table definitions of an ispconfig system, search for the ftp_user table and ensure that the table on your system is exactly as the one defined there.

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