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    Actually I am running some openSuSe 12.3 servers for mail/dovecot web database dns, some managed by ispconfig. As these are alway updated sin 11.x online via zypper and im plan to reconfigure something, I think it ist time to set up new server based on 13.1 or better 13.2 to have new clean installs and move the services. All is in a ESXi virtual enviorement on a privat network behind a well configured firewall via iptables. Access to servers is via NAT.

    1. should I add the servers to the actual ispcongfig (is on latest) release p5, master on the actual mal server

    2. I like to move it to the new web server, or even if thats meaningfull to a separate administration server

    3. concerning mail, there are domains having pop3 and imap mailboxes on the server and domain the mailserver functions only as virus and spam filter, the mails are forwarder to the final destination mailserver. Is it meaningfull to have to servers, one just for mail in and filter and a second for the dovecot stuff. Is it possible to move dovecot and underlying mailboxes to new server without recreating everything

    4. on server serves as master DNS Server, how to move, just by asining a new host in ispconfig

    Thanks for any information

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    Nobody with any idea?

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    Design of multiserver ispconfig questions

    OK I try again, some questions

    1. some research shows move masterserver to slave (meaning make slave to master and vice versa or remove the old master) or move master server to new server seams to be diffcult as Tim wrote some years before. Did this change

    2. I plan to eventualy install a "mailin" server for SPAM an Virus filter and seperate mailserver for dovecot and squirrelmail. Make this sense and is it supportet ? Otherwise it seams that ispconfig supports different filtering per domain oder per mailbox. Amavis/Clamav seams to support that too. Even by reading the buyable manual I do not realy understand who that works, need information or link to read.
    it's not relay clear which parameters in postfix and amvis/clamav .conf files should not be touched, as Ispconfig does this and which parameter I have to configure beside those are mentioned in the tutorials and manuals

    3. Again, give it sence to habe a separate "Admin Server", that means only function as master server and have the web frontend on it ? Think it will be easyer to make system redefinition (move services from on slave to the other or removing adding slaves or services) easyer.

    Thanks or any help

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    This has not changed. a slave does not contain all data, so you cant make it a master.

    Just create a mster mailserver and one or more slaves mirror nodes that share the same /var/www drive. No config has to be changed for that manually. your mail cluster can grow by simply adding more nodes. If you use a node just for incoming emails or for smtp and imap is up to you as each node support both services anyway.

    If you plan t get a bigger server cluster over the time, then you should use a separate master server.
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    looking for easyest way wich less downtime

    That brings me back to "whats the best way to move master server", as actually the mail/dovecot/squirrellmail server ist the master with the webinterface.

    One way I see building a complete new multiserver system, is not the problem as beside the mail there are only a primary and a scondary DNS which will easy be exportet an importet, leaves still the problem moving mailboxes to new mailserver and reconfiguring the mailrouting (not the really great deal), Websites are still on a system outside Ispconfig and must be move anyhow

    Other proposals?

    thanks for help

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